Friday, November 20, 2009

Murder, Too by David Wiltse

A staged reading of "Murder, Too" by David Wiltse will take place on Saturday, November 21 at 7pm. Real life husband and wife, Jay O. Sanders (John Goodman’s biker buddy “Ziggy” on Roseanne) and Maryann Plunkett (Tony-winner, Me and My Girl) will play a husband and wife in Wiltse’s new murder comedy.

About the Playwright: David Wiltse is the author of 13 plays and 12 novels. A production of Sedition starring Playwrights Theatre’s John Pietrowski, was done at Playwrights Theatre in 2008. Another Wiltse play, The Good German, was produced in this theater in 2006.

About the Director: For Playwrights Theatre: Sedition, The Good German, Circumference of a Squirrel, Sunrise at Monticello, adapted & directed Jim Lehrer’s Flying Crows and The Special Prisoner (w/William Schallert). Elsewhere: Death of a Salesman (w/Frankie Faison), Bluff (w/John Astin), The Value of Names (w/Jack Klugman), The Price (w/Orson Bean & Stephanie Zimbalist), All My Sons (w/Richard Benjamin & Paula Prentiss), The Gin Game (w/William Schallert), Mrs. Warren’s Profession (w/Paula Prentiss & Prentiss Benjamin), Macbeth (w/Frankie Faison), Spread Eagle (w/Ed Asner, Sharon Gless, Jamey Sheridan, Fred Savage).

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