Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yasmine Beverly Rana to read in Warsaw

Yasmine Beverly Rana will be reading from The War Zone is My Bed and Other Plays in Warsaw. The first reading will be at TR Warszawa, Monday, April 23 at 7 pm. On Friday, April 27, the reading will be at Museum of Modern Art Warsaw at 6 pm.

The War Zone is My Bed and Other Plays follows journeys of spiritual destruction and redemption from the banks of the Mississippi River and the fallen levees of New Orleans to the conflict-ravaged streets of Sarajevo and Kabul, as the characters attempt to seek and sustain love in violent circumstances.

In the title play, The War Zone is My Bed, a prostitute from Kabul and a journalist from Bosnia stumble through a maze of brutality to find solace within each other. In Blood Sky a traumatic event is triggered by a mysterious, animalistic call. Also collected here are Returning, in which a photographer from Sarajevo is torn between his role as an artist and victim of war and Paradise, where, as the Mississippi River rises, two lovers who are also illegal immigrants, debate whether they should stay in New Orleans and risk their lives or flee—and, thereby reveal their illegal status.

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