Thursday, March 14, 2013

The 27th Annual Madison Young Playwrights Festival

The 27th Annual Madison Young Playwrights Festival brings to life the work of young playwrights who completed a play as part of a 10-week playwriting program conducted by Playwrights Theatre in the Central Avenue School, Kings Road School, Torey J. Sabatini School, Madison Junior School and St. Vincent Martyr School. Several plays were chosen and these plays will be presented with professional actors at each of the schools. Performances are not open to the public.

On Monday, March 11, 2013, Robert H. Conley, Mayor of Madison, proclaimed March “Madison Young Playwrights Month”. The proclamation was held at the 2nd Floor Council Chamber at the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building at 50 Kings Road.

The following plays were selected:

Central Avenue                                                        
Best Friends Forever
by Katie Dore                     

The Haunted Penguin by Andrew Eglevsky              
The New Girls
by Janae May

Kings Road

The Competition
by Claire Hemmert
Friendship Problems
by Zoie Aguiar
Joey and the Trumpet Disaster!
by Adwik

Madison Junior School

Avoiding the Inevitable
by Michael Bennett              
Queen of the World
by Allie MacDonald      

St. Vincent Martyr

Bully Days
by Zachary Vincent         
Destination Translation
by Stacey Espiritu
In a Loud World (But Yet Somewhat Quiet)
by Casey McGough
by Nina Bisco

Torey J. Sabatini                                                      
The Adventures of Alex Stellenbosch
by Courtney McCormick
The Fairy Stone
by Cecilia Smith
The Kidnappers
by Abigail Mah

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